About Chen Winkler

Chen Winkler, sculptor, painter, photographer, writer, creator and inventor.Ninth Generation in Israel.

Chen serves as colonel in the IDF military reserves. Zionist. His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world and shown in museums, in public gardens and buildings. In addition he has created dozens of monuments and environmental sculptures. Chen worked and created in the marble factory which his family has owned for three generations. His own sculptures express the technical sense and the use of methods, advanced technologies in all kinds of raw materials: stones, glass metals and more.

Chen’s professional knowledge is extensive. Chen creates exterior sculptures, monuments, and sculptures for home as well as marble and stone reliefs. His work translates a visual line of characters into flowing, dynamic, and harmonious forms characterized by touching the boundaries of minimalism. Reducing detail and color, combined with curves in flat surfaces, he creates codes that are readily identified.His sculptures express the ability of re-creation to a different living space, analogous to the human movement around them. A person who is not bound by conventions, is not afraid to touch different materials and is not limited to certain execution methods and techniques as his works.

Chen designs, sculpts and builds monuments and statues in stone, marble and other materials. Most of the materials he uses are natural materials originated in Israel. He has built dozens of monuments and hundreds of artistic tombstones across the country for individuals and private institutions, communities, and the Ministry of Defense.

Chen recently created a jewellery collection in his personal and unique design, designed and sculpted, which combines stones from the Land of Israel or stones from the breastplate stones with gold and silver.

In 2021 Chen was elected chairman of the Netanya Artisans Union.

  • ´Netanya Sculpture Symposium 2000, Sculpture: “Eshed“
  • ´Holon Sculpture Symposium 2001, Sculpture: “Woman”
  • ´The Statue Garden – Acre Crane, Sculpture: “Angel”
  • ´Open Gallery, Sculpture: “People 2“
  • ´Netanya, Sculpture: “People 1“
  • ´Kfar Menahem Museum, Sculpture: “Man Heads Up”
  • ´Jaffa, Sculpture: “The Guard”
  • ´Holon Cactus Garden, Sculpture: “People 3”
  • ´Philadelphia, Architectural Building, Sculpture: “Women 1”
  • ´New York Manhattan, Sculpture: “Universe”
  • ´New York Manhattan, Sculpture: “Fire”
  • ´The Green Village, Sculpture: “Sunrise Sunset”
  • ´Philadelphia, Lefley Building, Sculpture: “Couple with a Boy“
  • ´Philadelphia, Lefley Building, Sculpture: “Sun”
  • ´Netanya, Sculpture: “Ari”
  • ´Netanya Sculpture Symposium 2007, Sculpture: “Agat“

Important works

  • ´Hod Hasharon, Sculpture: “The Torch Flower”
  • ´Beit Shemesh, Name of the sculptor: “The worker”
  • ´Dimona, Sculpture: “Vishay”
  • ´Netanya, Sculpture: “Wings“
  • ´Netanya, Sculpture: “Sun Clock“
  • ´Latrun, Sculpture: “Talik“
  • ´Modiin, “Dinosaurs”
  • ´Nahal Alexander, Sculpture: “Jacob’s Ladder“
  • ´Holon, Garden of the Purple Monster Story´Ashdod, Sculpture: “Memory”
  • ´Poland, Sculpture: “The Patchwork”
  • ´Tel Aviv, Sculpture: “Cypress”
  • ´Latrun Brigade Forest, Sculpture: “The Tank”
  • ´Raanana Bartov School, Sculpture: “Memorial Wall”
  • ´Meitar Forest, Sculpture: “Piano“
  • ´Mevaseret Zion, Jerusalem “Sculpture: “Casualty”
  • ´Wingate, Sculpture: “Adar”
  • ´Bahad 8, The name of the sculptor: “The athlete”
  • ´Ofra, Sculpture: “Jacob’s Ladder 2”
  • ´Ariel, Sculpture: “Joseph”
  • ´Ramla, Sculpture: “Past Present Future”
  • ´”Gan Yaron“ Zichron Yaacov 2008
  • ´Netanya, Sculpture: “Tribute to Gino Bartley”
  • ´Pardes Hana, “My brother – saluting the lone soldier”
  • ´Torch, Sculpture: “Arrow”
  • ´Netanya, Sculpture: “Ben Gurion stands on his head”
  • ´Kfar Saba, Sculpture: “The Orchard“
  • ´Kfar Habad, Sculpture: “The Hanukiah“
  • ´Nentanya :“Pnini’s pearl“
  • ´Netanya, “Diamonds in the aquarium
  • ´Givat Assaf Junction, “Halalim“
  • ´The Dead sea, “The lion”
  • ´Midburn 2021  “RECHARGE”
  • ´Shafir: “Yonah and the Whale”
  • ´ Shafir: “David and Goliath”
  • ´Shafir: “Ilan, Ilan”
  • ´ Shafir: “Moses and the Burning Bush”
  • ´ Shafir: “Samson and the Lion“
  • ´Mazkeret Batya: “Whight hands”
  • ´Beit-el: “Jacob’s dream”
  • ´Beer Yaakov: “Remember the walkers”
  • ´Atlit: “Shulamit”
  • ´Atlit: “The harp”